Building willing communication between horse & rider
About Jana
I grew up riding horses. My Grandfather had a farm, several ponies and a six horse Belgian draft driving team. He was a terrific horseman and taught me a tremendous amount. I started riding dressage while in college and continued to take weekly dressage lessons throughout my 15 year corporate career. (During that time I also did some jumping, eventing and a fox hunt). I had worked as a Human Resource Manager for companies such as and Expedia. I realized that if I continued to work 60 hours a week and only ride one hour per day I would never reach my goal of becoming an international level Grand Prix dressage rider. So in 2002, I left the corporate world to focus on riding full-time. I now train and teach on the greater Eastside (Redmond, Duvall and Fall City)


In 2003, I met Terry Church. Terry has completely redefined how I interact and "see" horses. This process of learning continues each day. Through working with Terry I have gained a new awareness of the whole horse; what is going on internally (mentally and emotionally) and externally (physically). I have learned to pay attention to the "little" signs of tension, such as bracing in the back, leaning in on the shoulder, or a worried look in the eye. It is important to address these tensions for the horse to be relaxed and to create optimal learning. In addition, what we are feeling and thinking impacts the horse. The horses mirror us, if we are relaxed then the horses will be relaxed. I have also learned the value of time. It takes time to develop a good seat and each horse and rider progress at different rates. It is my goal to help each horse and rider develop to their full potential and have fun while doing so! In 2009 I began working with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann author of "Balancing Act & Tug of War" and Peggy Cummings of Connected Riding. I am learning so much from both and feel very blessed with this opportunity. For more details on my training and background please see the Training & Education page.
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